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Thinking Differently About Mobile Learning

Cheryl Johnson

Too often when we think of mobile learning we think in familiar terms: modules, quizzes, tests, assessments. If we are to truly begin using the power mobile learning offers, we need to embrace old concepts presented in new modes. More »

A Performance Consulting Approach to Helping Small Business Owners

Premium Content
Jeff McElyea

In my work I meet many small business owners (SBOs) who are very skilled at their crafts but who lack a broad understanding of how to build and operate a business. Consequently, their companies are profitable enough to remain open, but do not generate a livable income. ... More »

The Art of People-Whispering

Premium Content
Laura A. Davis

I dont know about you, but I sometimes long for the relative simplicity of the 1970s and 1980s. As a consumer, life seemed more straightforward. I had a checking account, a money market account, and a few stocks. As a recent college graduate, I worked for Chase Manhatta... More »

Uncommon-Practice Leadership

Premium Content
Nan S. Russell

Calling an apple an orange doesnt make it one, nor does labeling someone a leader magically transform her into one. In fact, true leadership doesnt come with a title or position, nor is it assignable by level of authority. Leadership doesnt emerge at the conclusion of a... More »