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Introducing ASTD World Class Selling Model

Premium Content

In this tumultuous global economy, organizations are examining how to accelerate sales team performance to increase revenue. To give business leaders a new approach to sales training and development, ASTD created a World-Class Sales Competency Model, and the need for su... More »

Virtual World, Real Learning

Its coming, but will the virtual environment be the best place for learning? Are some things just better in person? Ask the avatar next to you. A research team at North Carolina State University led by Mitzi M. Montoya has developed a new way of measuring how real onlin... More »

Case Study: Toshiba Simplifies—and Improves—Corporate Training with E-Learning Tools

Imagine trying to gather a group of dealers or remote employees in one location once or twice a year and teach them about your upcoming product line. Chances are that by the time they returned from the flight home, they had already forgotten most of the information they... More »

Inclusive Leadership: Creating Connections

Premium Content

Creating a more inclusive organization is not a simple matter. It requires resetting norms, educating all team members, changing long held practices and policies (both implicit and explicit), and rewiring the organization for greater communication and connection. Too of... More »

Selling Sales Training in a Recession

Premium Content

Imagine waking up in a strange world one morning, totally unlike the world you knew yesterday. Your previous skills are useless and none of your cause-effect predictors work. Gravity is stronger in this new world, and it is all you can do to drag your suddenly overweigh... More »