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What’s in Your Training Wallet?

Seek out extra-curricular activities to boost your skills. Taking charge of your own training makes you look good, too. Before lamenting the lack of training for your employees because of tight budgets, check your training wallet. Likely there are opportunities that co... More »

Individuality, Integration: Leadership Styles in Team Collaboration

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Heather Getha-Taylor

Today's heightened attention to collaboration amid resource constraints and boundary-spanning problems places new requirements on public managers at all levels of government. Managers must balance the demands of hierarchical leadership within their home organizations wi... More »

The Public Manager and Public Service

Ron Sanders

As the new chairman of the board of directors for The Bureaucrat Inc. (publisher of this journal), I'd like to thank you for all the support and encouragement you've given to those involved in our publication. As you can imagine, it's a real labor of love for those uns... More »

Now Is the Time to Improve Federal Employee Engagement

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As the nation's largest and most diversified employer, the federal government must construct—and sustain—effective approaches to deal with agency-specific employee engagement. The past year was a difficult one for the federal government. Federal employees e... More »

Helping the Public Understand What Government Writes

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Judith Gillespie Myers, The Government Manager's Guide to Plain Language (Management Concepts Press, 2013) Reviewed by Kitty Wooley This is the third and most recent book about plain language by Judith Gillespie Myers, a journalist, radio newscaster, and news editor wh... More »