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The Public Manager

Gain more knowledge | Share more knowledge

The Public Manager is a unique, quarterly journal for public sector learning professionals to create Federal leadership that works: furthering knowledge, vision, professionalism, and best practices at all levels of government.

Every issue discusses pivotal concerns of federal senior executives and middle managers. It shares their innovative ideas, practical applications for new learning technologies, and management successes.

This Issue: Fall 2014

Creating Partnerships for the Public Good
by Michael Grisham, Emily Kay Hanks, and Thomas Longoria 

Implementing Successful Collaborative Groups

by Sarah E. Veale, Mallory Barg Bulman, Peter Beck, and Donald Kiggins

Unleashing the Power of Talent Analytics
by Mike Giuffrida

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Summer Issue

The Problem With Assumption and the Power of Inquiry

by Patrick S. Malone and Ruth T. Zaplin

Sometimes assumptions are helpful, but often they can prove unproductive—or even damaging. By acting on our assumptions as if they were true, we've constructed a reality that does not reflect what's happening in the moment.

Repairing Government's Management Deficiency

by Richard Clay Wilson Jr.

Career managers must transform public institutions from management-resistant to management-friendly places. They must declare their values and advance managerial practices.

Public Managers and Politically Driven Change: A Retrospective

by Paul Eder and Blaine R. Young

After every election, public managers find themselves working for new elected officials. This change can bring tension and requires thoughtful solutions. A unifying change vision can help government organizations achieve results despite electoral and economic upheaval.

You Call Yourself a Leader? Here's What a Follower Thinks

by Charles Thomas Jr.

Not all managers are leaders. Follow these pragmatic propositions, told through the eyes of an employee, to make you a better leader.

Modernize the Budget Process to Reflect Technology Realities

by Daniel Chenok

Reforming the budget process for technology to capture savings and provide financial transparency can allow government to benefit from significant advances already being realized in the private sector.

Lean in to Team Conflict

by Lisa DiTullio

When we don't address conflict, it can escalate and damage relationships and work. To resolve discord, manage behaviors, understand differences, and listen.

Forum: Taking Collaboration to the Next Level

Collaboration v.2: Respective and Collective
by Ron Sanders

Can Middle Managers Successfully Build Extraordinary Capabilities?
by Jackson Nickerson

Help Wanted: A New Kind of Collaborative Leader
by Ron Sanders

Overcoming Barriers to Collaboration
by Jim Trinka

Clinton Partnerships Show Benefits of Public-Sector Collaboration
by Marick F. Masters, Christina S. Merchant, and Robert M. Tobias

Individuality, Integration: Leadership Styles in Team Collaboration
by Heather Getha-Taylor, Chris Silvia, and Scott Simmerman


Now Is the Time to Improve Federal Employee Engagement

by Robert Lavigna

As the nation's largest and most diversified employer, the federal government must construct—and sustain—effective approaches to deal with agency-specific employee engagement.

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What's in Your Training Wallet?

by Shelly A. McAllister

Seek out extra-curricular activities to boost your skills. Taking charge of your own training makes you look good, too.

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Homelessness Analytics Demonstrate Open Government Project

by Thomas Byrne

The partnership between the Departments of Housing and Urban Development and Veterans Affairs embraces the principles of open government, a top priority of the Obama administration.

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Developing the Next Generation of Government Leaders

by Russell Maltempo and Tyler Robinson

The federal government will soon lose a depth of institutional knowledge. Luckily, there are mechanisms in place to help agencies exchange information and wisdom across generations.

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Effective Leaders Create Healthy Work Environments

by Jann E. Freed

We spend a lot of time at work, so how can we make it reflect our life values? The task is challenging, but it's one of the best investments leaders can make in their organizations.

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The New Normal

By Paula Ketter

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Helping the Public Understand What Government Writes

Reviewed by Kitty Wooley

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Infusing a 'Can-Do' Spirit Into the Public Sector

by Paula Ketter

Now in it's third year, Fuse Corps' fellows program offers private-sector participants professional renewal and a taste of public service. It seeks to build the cross-sector movement.

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Time Hasn't Changed Public Service

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