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The Public Manager

Gain more knowledge | Share more knowledge

The Public Manager is a unique, quarterly journal for public sector learning professionals to create Federal leadership that works: furthering knowledge, vision, professionalism, and best practices at all levels of government.

Every issue discusses pivotal concerns of federal senior executives and middle managers. It shares their innovative ideas, practical applications for new learning technologies, and management successes.

This Issue: Fall 2014

Creating Partnerships for the Public Good
by Michael Grisham, Emily Kay Hanks, and Thomas Longoria 

Implementing Successful Collaborative Groups

by Sarah E. Veale, Mallory Barg Bulman, Peter Beck, and Donald Kiggins

Unleashing the Power of Talent Analytics
by Mike Giuffrida

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Fall Issue

Practical Approaches for Implementing Successful Collaborative Groups

by Sarah E. Veale, Mallory Barg Bulman, Peter Beck, and Donald Kiggins

GAO has identified approaches that successful interagency groups have used to overcome their toughest challenges.

To Partner or Not to Partner, That Is a Public Manager Question

by Michael Grisham, Emily Kay Hanks, and Thomas Longoria

Public managers may need to rely on little-known nonprofit partners for certain areas of service delivery. Here is a tool to evaluate potential partners.

Management vs. Leadership in the Public Sector

by Alvin William Musgrave Jr.

This is the time when we can have a rebirth in leadership and seize the opportunity to reform management practices in our public institutions.

Managing Information in the Age of Digital Chaos

by Raymond Marbury

Retrieval of documents and information is critical to knowledge transfer, training, and talent management. Without information governance policies, agencies are exposed to legal, financial, and organizational risks.

Effective Engagement Strategies for an Increasingly Dispersed Workforce

By Leading Edge Dispersed Workforce Team

Technological advances have made it easier for employees to work anytime, anywhere—making "work" something you do, rather than a place you go. Yet government managers still face challenges.

Forum: Taking Collaboration to the Next Level

Building Project Management Into a Mission-Critical Endeavor
by Kathryn Medina

Program Managers in Federal Service: Why They Matter
by Traci DiMartini

Government Project Management Offices Struggle to Prove Their Value
by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin

The Cost of Underperforming—Driving Government to Success
by Todd Young and Jim Matheson

Project Management Challenges in Government
By Stanley Emelander

Project Success: The Basis of the Five Immutable Principles
by Glen B. Alleman

If Communication Is Common Sense, Why Isn't it More Common?
by Michaeleh M. Jones

Closing the Project Management Skills Gap in the Federal Government
by Kathryn Medina

Unlocking the Potential of Federal Project and Program Managers
by Joanie F. Newhart


Unleashing the Power of Talent Analytics in Federal Government

by Mike Giuffrida

Analytics remains a prime but still relatively untapped tool for HR managers. How can we use this information to explore the total picture of talent acquisition and HR functions?



Four Actions to Better Integrate Performance With Budget

by John M. Kamensky

Connect budget requests with agency goals by providing a range of performance options at different resource allocations. A new mandated annual strategic review process is a step forward.



Regrets About Open Data? Only That We Didn't Start Sooner

by Maria MacGunigal

Sacramento's journey to open data: why they made the decision, what they learned along the way, and plans for the future.



Been There, Done That: Overcoming 'Check-the-Box' Training Syndrome

by Trish Holliday and Ernie Ricketts

True learning communities help an organization adapt to a changing culture, attract and retain a talented and committed workforce, and embrace innovation. This one also pays it forward.



What Managers Can Learn From Team Sports

by Aubrey Daniels

It's more than teamwork. To keep workers performing and engaged, managers must emphasize responsibility, behavior, feedback, measurable goals, and results.



Mission-Critical Competencies

By Paula Ketter



Partnerships for the Public Good

Reviewed by Stephanie Castellano



GovGirl Assists Governments in Going Social

by Paula Ketter

Every area of government comes with its own social media challenges. Creating a social media presence in every part of the organization is one challenge that is absolutely manageable with proper training.



Act Like a Director


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