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Managing Learning in More Than One Way

Premium Content

Oregonians have an independent streak. It's been that way since pioneers voted to make the state part of the union more than 150 years ago. Even the state's motto, "She flies with her own wings," gives outsiders a hint that Oregonians like to do things their way. It com... More »

Conversations With Mentoring Leaders

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Randy Emelo

One of the tough challenges for companies today is finding systemic ways to tap into the vast pools of knowledge that exist in their organizations, and then creating effective ways for that knowledge to be shared among employees. The breadth and depth of knowledge avail... More »

Mastery Learning in the Adult Classroom

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If you have not heard of mastery learning, you are not alone. Although its concepts have been around for 40 years, in practice, it is largely a phenomenon of K-12 education, where it has been applied with success. It is, however, largely unknown in the adult-learning ar... More »

The 5 Hidden Roles of the Managerial Coach

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Much has been written about the critical role that managers play as developmental coaches, and how essential such coaching is to helping leaders improve their performance and prepare for next-level assignments. In attempting to identify what makes managers successful as... More »

Beyond the Stars

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What comes next? That's the question Blockbuster's training executives asked themselves in 2009. After spending years creating, implementing, and perfecting the Starmaker Training Series, Blockbuster's field operations training program, they were looking for the next st... More »

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