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Current TD Issue

This month...

The issue features articles focusing on basic skills training. Additional highlights include:

+Take the Sting Out of Feedback

Increase Success in Succession Planning

+Web Exclusive: The 5 Most Important Employee Engagement Needs

+Web Exclusive: Smart Tools, Smart Jobs

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Introducing TD Magazine

T+D has been renamed TD (Talent Development) magazine. Although the logo and name have changed to reflect the new name of the association, what won't change is our commitment to bringing readers valuable content that addresses the needs of talent development professionals.

This Month's Webcast

Basic Job Skills Training—How Gamification Has Employees Embracing Training
Thursday, August 21, 2 p.m. ET

Carol Leaman, author of this month's cover article, will discuss some of the challenges associated with basic skills training and how gamification can help with that training, and suggest best practices.


TD Tablet App

Get your industry-related content on the go. The free TD tablet app offers a condensed version of each issue of the magazine, plus bonus app-only content such as podcasts, sidebars, pictures, and links to extra resources.

August 2014 Issue

Boost Basic Job Skills Training

By Carol Leaman

Use gamification to turn "boring" programs into fun ways to learn foundational skills.

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Partnering to Improve Time to Competency and Proficiency

By Emily Dunn and Adam Krob

When the training and knowledge management teams work together on knowledge-sharing initiatives, significant improvements result.

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Bring Your Best Every Day

By Bonnie Hagemann and Saundra Stroope

The qualities that set apart a champion from a great player are what future leaders should adopt if they want to stand out.

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Take the Sting Out of Feedback

By Kenneth M. Nowack

Research reveals that feedback really may be dangerous to your health. Learn how to make it less painful for your employees.

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The Learning and Development Revolution We Need to Have

By Clark N. Quinn

Focus on embedding technology-enabled performance support into day-to-day work rather than delivering traditional training courses.

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Five Ways to Increase Success in Succession Planning

By Doris M. Sims

Simply placing names on a list isn't going to meet your organization's needs.

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Kathy Cramer ++

Kathy Cramer is founder and managing partner of The Cramer Institute, whose mission is "to inspire positive change in leaders, teams, and organizations."

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Transform Organizational Culture Through Coaching

By Virginia Bianco-Mathis and William Schurgin

One law firm addresses its attorneys' changing expectations of employment with a robust coaching program.

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Daily Check-ins Stimulate Self-Improvement

By Bart Tkaczyk

Twelve powerful self-coaching questions that will change the way you lead.

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New Name, Same High Standards

By Paula Ketter

T+D has a new name: TD (Talent Development). Although the logo and name have changed to reflect the new name of the association, what hasn't changed is our commitment to bringing you world-class content.

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Teaching Learners to Fish

By Allyce Barron

Use the learning experience to cultivate learners' independent problem-solving abilities.

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U.S. Congress Reauthorizes Workforce Investment Act

By Kristen Fyfe-Mills

President Barack Obama is expected to sign the bill into law.

Technology Threatens Work-Life Balance, But Most Employees Say That's OK

Connect and Learn

Predicting Student Success

Word Wiz: Edupreneur

Is Job Hopping the New Normal?

Sales Reps and Big Data

The Walking Meeting

Preparing Training for the Learner

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Mobilize Your Learning With Employee App Stores

By Geoff Stead

Setting up an internal app store can reposition L&D at the center of your mobile ecosystem.

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Organizations Lack Planning and Tools to Deal With Disruptive Change

By Patty Gaul

Large companies are at greater risk due to cultural issues.

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Business Acumen—In Context

The "leaders as teachers" approach enables a healthcare organization to customize its leadership development program.

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A Thoughtful Process

Think Smarter: Critical Thinking to Improve Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills by Michael Kallet

Reviewed by Stephanie Castellano

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Here are some of the article topics you can look forward to in the September 2014 issue of TD magazine:

  • Building career resilience
  • Global mindset as a competency
  • Overcoming talent acquisition challenges
  • And much more! Check back on the first of the month to read the entire issue.


Training and Development Competencies Redefined to Create Competitive Advantage

ASTD launches a revised competency model for the profession.

The Effect of the ‘New’ E-Learning on Soft Skills Training

Three emerging trends that will change everything.

ASTD 2012 State of the Industry Report: Organizations Continue to Invest in Workplace Learning

More than $156 billion was spent by U.S. organizations on employee learning last year.

Decision Science

Predictive talent analytics tells us whom to hire and how we should manage them.

Embrace Differences When Training Intergenerational Groups

Common conflicts may arise among the mixed generations, but keep training events on track with proper design and delivery.