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Current T+D Issue

This month...

The issue features articles focusing on global HRD. Additional highlights include:

+Putting the FOCUS on Coaching

+Artificial Versus Authentic Leadership

+Web Exclusive: How to Make Development Sustainable and Effective

+Web Exclusive: Self-Directed Mobile Learning

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T+D Webcast

The Business Leader's Bottom Line: Aligning Learning With Organizational Needs
Tuesday, April 22, 2 p.m. ET
Presenter: Ajay M. Pangarkar

This webcast will identify how to get your leaders to value workplace learning and how to make it a valued business partner.

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April 2014 Issue

The Intricate Web Connecting Virtual Teams

By Maureen Bridget Rabotin

Global, virtual teams must learn how to align behaviors and collaborate across cultures and around the world.

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Adapting to a Workforce Without Borders

By David Gartside and Colin Sloman

To remain relevant, the HR and learning functions need to rethink their strategies for the new global landscape.

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Putting the FOCUS on Coaching

By Sandi Maxey

Sandy Spring Bank sought to boost engagement companywide and knew that managers would need to play a starring role.

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Healthy Leaders

By Bob Rosen and Kathie Ross

Successful leadership is achieved by nurturing a leader's healthy underlying qualities—or roots—and personal characteristics.

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Lessons From the Best

By Jennifer Tokar and John Tindal

The #1 Place to Work in the Federal Government shares its leadership development best practices.

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Embrace Differences When Training Intergenerational Groups

By April Ort

Common conflicts may arise among the mixed generations, but keep training events on track with proper design and delivery.

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 Tamar Elkeles++

Tamar Elkeles is the chief learning officer at Qualcomm. She is responsible for defining the strategic direction for the company's overall learning and development efforts.

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Future Leaders at Play

By Brittany Brown

A regional bank teaches leadership skills through a mobile gaming app.

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Artificial Versus Authentic Leadership

By Matthew J. Painter

Assess whether your leadership style is tainting your effectiveness.

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New Global Landscape

By Paula Ketter

Are you hiring globally? How are you ensuring that talent hired across the world has the skills necessary to be successful in your company? The time is now to rethink your strategies for the new global landscape.

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Finding the Right LMS Fit

By Stacy Lindenberg

Are you tasked with selecting a learning management system for your organization's training needs? Here's what you need to know to find the perfect solution.

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Compassion in the Workplace

By Stephanie Castellano

Compassion training yields an early return-on-investment.

Mobile Security in Government

Employers Are Now Providing Analytical Skills Training

Word Wiz: Mal-employment

Recruiting 101

Alternative Routes to Education

Mind the Soft Skills Gap

Tips for Designing E-Learning to Meet CPE Standards

A Smarter Handheld Device

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Hands-Free Performance Support

By Coline T. Son Lee

For employees who don't work behind a computer, Google Glass—a hands-free device with access to the Internet, videos, and chat functions—can offer just-in-time performance support.

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Antoinette Alexander

Alexander's job with ConocoPhillips, the third largest energy integration company in the United States, takes her through the weeds of workplace learning every day.

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Innovation Matters, but Prioritizing It Lags

By Patty Gaul

A new report offers tips for trainers to help increase innovation.

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High-Impact Competencies

One company identifies the skills common among its high-performing sales representatives.

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E-Learning Is No House of Cards

Interface Design for Learning: Design Strategies for Learning Experiences by Dorian Peters

Reviewed by Stephanie Castellano

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Here are some of the article topics you can look forward to in the May 2014 issue of T+D:

  • How gaming techniques can help boost employee engagement
  • Retaining on-the-move Millennials
  • Ways to identify and improve what you're good at and further succeed
  • And much more! Check back on the first of the month to read the entire issue.


Women, Seize Your Leadership Role

Getting a seat at the proverbial table takes the commitment of mastering these three skills.

Training and Development Competencies Redefined to Create Competitive Advantage

ASTD launches a revised competency model for the profession.

Soft Skills for the Future

Five right-brain skills are predicted to be in high demand in the "Conceptual Age."

ASTD 2012 State of the Industry Report: Organizations Continue to Invest in Workplace Learning

More than $156 billion was spent by U.S. organizations on employee learning last year.

Become a Media Production Pro

The use of video in corporate training is increasing, and so too must the media skills of learning professionals.