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Current TD Issue

This month...

The issue features articles focusing on career development. Additional highlights include:

Developing Leaders for a Networked Economy

Nine Moments of Learning

+Web Exclusive: Why Face-to-Face Training Is Still the Better Choice

+Web Exclusive: A Flexible Future for Higher Education

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Introducing TD Magazine

T+D is now TD (Talent Development) magazine, changed to reflect the new name of the association, and our continued commitment to providing valuable content that addresses your development needs.

On-Demand Webcast

Basic Job Skills Training

Carol Leaman, author of the August issue's cover article, discussed how gamification can help with basic job skills training.


TD Tablet App

Get your industry-related content on the go, with the free TD tablet app. The app offers a condensed version of each issue, plus bonus content such as podcasts, sidebars, pictures, and links to extra resources.

September 2014 Issue

Be a Career Chameleon: Adapt and Thrive No Matter the Environment

By Maureen Orey

Six ways to make your career resilient.

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Career Crossroads

By Chantal Gardner

Making a late-in-life career change can be a frightening thought, but learn to allay your fears and take the plunge.

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Developing Leaders for a Networked Economy

By Stephen Garcia

New technology that analyzes the composition and strength of leaders' personal networks can complement existing development efforts.

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A Collaborative Approach Advances Global Mindset as a Competency

By Kara Laverde and Cory Bouck

Learning professionals came together to explore the concept of having a global mindset and exchange ideas on how to embed it into their organizations.

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Inspire to Innovate

By Terry M. Farmer and Xavier Butte

This case study details the steps taken by a leader seeking to spark and sustain innovation among her employees.

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National Audit Reveals Sales Skills Gaps in the United Kingdom

By Andrew Dugdale and Graham Jarvis

Skills development priorities are identified after a study uncovers that the U.K. salesforce is missing the mark when it comes to sales skills.

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Liz Wiseman ++

Liz Wiseman is president of The Wiseman Group, a leadership research and development firm in Silicon Valley, California.

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Playing Nice

By Pat Galagan

Your company loves it when you learn a new skill, and will give you a badge to prove it.

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Six Doors Effective Leaders Open for Their Employees

By Bill Treasurer

Good leaders give their employees opportunities to learn and grow.

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Take Charge of Your Career

By Paula Ketter

Two feature articles in this issue of TD are all about helping you, the talent development professional, develop career resiliency and find the strength to make a late-in-life change if one is necessary. 

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Advisory Groups Can Help L&D Initiatives

By Stacy Lindenberg

Forming an internal learning advisory group ensures that all stakeholders are invested in and provide strategic guidance for learning initiatives.

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The 'Sad State' of Global Leadership

By Stephanie Castellano

Less than one-fourth of executives are satisfied with their organizations' global leadership.

Growth Methods for Talent Development Pros

Learning in the Modern Social Workplace

MOOCs in the Workplace

Using Leadership Teams for the Big Problems

E-Learning Finds a Foothold in Africa

A Video-Creation Tool for Tech Commitment-Phobes

Workplace Productivity Drains

Corporate Environmental Policies Can Attract or Repel Talent

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Nine Moments of Learning

By Megan Torrance

Design training programs to sync with learners' needs at each stage of the learning cycle.

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Talent Acquisition Requires Strategic Use of Social Media, Understanding Quality of Hire

By Patty Gaul

Strong brand identity and attention to strategic business results also are key factors.

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Leadership Development Through Emotional Intelligence and Meditation

By Maynard Brusman

The greatest obstacle to leading others is lack of self-knowledge and inner focus.

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Combining Science With Instinct

Erika Garms learns the science of organizational development first, then allows her imagination to take over.

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Training for a Promotion

One organization engages new hires from day one, with a training program that gives them the opportunity to compete for an immediate promotion.

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Business Communication Chemistry

The Presentation Lab: Learn the Formula Behind Powerful Presentations by Simon Morton

Reviewed by Valerie Digman

Read all book reviews.

+Free Article

Here's what you can look forward to in the October 2014 issue of TD magazine:

  • Read about 2014's very BEST learning organizations.
  • Find out how to design employee engagement surveys that yield better insights into organizational performance.
  • Learn how to build better professional networks.
  • And much more! Check back on the first of the month to read the entire issue.


The 5 Most Important Employee Engagement Needs

Managers are the first line of defense for ensuring their employees are engaged.

Training and Development Competencies Redefined to Create Competitive Advantage

ASTD launches a revised competency model for the profession.

ASTD 2012 State of the Industry Report: Organizations Continue to Invest in Workplace Learning

More than $156 billion was spent by U.S. organizations on employee learning last year.

Five Ways to Increase Success in Succession Planning

Simply placing names on a list isn’t going to meet your organization’s needs.

The Learning and Development Revolution We Need to Have

Focus on embedding technology-enabled performance support into day-to-day work rather than delivering traditional training courses.

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