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Taking Care of Business: The VA Commits to Training

Premium Content

Training initiative engages employees to review fundamentals in every line of operation, rids the agency of contract over-runs and high-risk programs, and improves staff skill levels. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) faces an increasingl... More »

Urgent: Mastering Information Overload in Government by Pete Marksteiner

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Federal workers are overwhelmed by the volume of information at their disposal and the increasing expectation that they manage it with great dispatch. In 1974 when scientists at the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency started connecting computers... More »

Virtual Reorganization: Results Mapping and Collaboration

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Experience has amply demonstrated that structure clearly matters. Well-organized, coherent, and integrated agencies are more likely to be efficient and effective than those that are poorly structured and have fragmented programs. Reorganization is hard, time-consumi... More »

Virtual Reorganization: Service Delivery and Function Sharing

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John Kamensky

Government reorganization is a high-risk undertaking. It typically requires a lot of political capital, time, and effort. And success is not guaranteed, even if the reorganization takes place. Does government need to be reorganized? Certainly! But th... More »

Examining Open Government at the Education Department

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Transparency creates the openness and connection to the people and stakeholders that is necessary for the government to respond to its constituents. On his first day in office, President Obama signed the Memorandum for Transparency and Open Government... More »