(From Marketwire) -- PageUp People, a Multinational Talent Management solutions provider, today announced the release of its newest research titled, "Into India: Talent Management Essentials in a Land of Optimism," authored by Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith, PageUp People's senior vice president of Research and a regular contributor to Forbes.com. This research report is the latest in an ongoing series addressing talent management challenges in the emerging and high growth markets of the world. The research was commissioned to both, help multinational corporations understand the issues unique to these markets, as well as help PageUp People tailor its Talent Management Solutions to help these employers overcome these challenges."

The research report explores the opportunities unique to the Indian market, which has grown consistently as other economies around the world have stalled. With a relatively young population and a highly educated workforce, India has much to offer multinational companies that plan to build or expand their operations in the country. However, due to high competition for talent, the prevalence of corruption and bureaucracy, and several cultural nuances that may be difficult for western employers to understand, there are many challenges that organizations face when leveraging the Indian workforce.

In light of such challenges, PageUp People's research offers valuable insight into how employers can address these hurdles and explains how some of India's largest multinational corporations have executed successful talent management strategies. With India at the center of many organizations' plans for strategic growth, gaining an understanding of the Indian workforce and how the right talent management solutions facilitate these operations is crucial.

Key Findings of the Research Include:

  • India has the largest youth market in the world, and this young workforce expects competitive compensation, professional development, fast-track career opportunities, mobility options and work-life balance.
  • Employee attrition in India is high due to strong competition for talent and inexperienced leadership; meeting the needs of the young workforce and enhancing employer branding are keys to improving retention.
  • Indian industries and employees display lower levels of productivity compared to other markets, which can be improved through enhanced capability development.

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