(From marketwire) -- Taleo Corporation, a global leader of SaaS-based Talent Management solutions, in conjunction with partner Human Capital Institute (HCI), today released a research report on the economics of Talent Intelligence. The report, based on an extensive survey of more than 600 global organizations, examines the far-reaching economic impact of talent intelligence, identifying connections between its use and overall corporate performance. The report reveals the companies that best satisfy the demands of their leaders are those that place heightened importance on and provide greater visibility into workforce data, delivered in a way that empowers managers to make more informed, rapid business decisions. Talent Intelligence remains a key differentiator in today's hyper-competitive world where the human capital of an organization is its principle engine of production.

As the global economy continues its slow recovery and organizations grapple with an uncertain business climate, the ability to define current and future talent needs and vulnerabilities is essential to success. Companies on the leading edge today are using Talent Intelligence in combination with other business information to drive critical decisions. They are leveraging Talent Intelligence technologies to provide historical, current, and predictive views of the workforce and its direct impact on business operations.

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