(From Business Wire) -- A new study ("Flexible Work Models: How to bring sustainability in a 24/7 world") of 3,300 professional men and women published by Bain & Company on the adoption and effectiveness of flexible work models finds that a lack of availability of these programs, as well as their poor utilization, is driving a substantial number of professional women from high pressure jobs. Bain finds that simply offering flexible models in these high pressure jobs can dramatically increase the likelihood that employees stay with their current company and more effective implementation can improve retention of women by up to 40% and up to 25% for men.

"Despite the fact that flex models are one of the hottest recruiting and retention tools, they aren't sufficiently used at many organizations," said Julie Coffman, a Bain partner and study author. "Companies can no longer get away with just offering cookie cutter options; they must tailor them to their employees and also provide adequate levels of support and resources to ensure better cultural acceptance."

According to the study, 87% of women and 74% of men surveyed stated an interest in using flexible job options, but only 44% of women and 21% of men actually have used these work arrangements. Further, 60% of companies offer flexible work, but is widely used in only 17% of those organizations - employees of companies with wide use are significantly more satisfied and loyal, and vice versa.

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