(From The Financial) -- Anticipating greater emphasis on talent management and competition for key talent, employers are planning to reshape their talent programs as the economy shifts out of the recessionary period, according to the new Future of Talent Management survey from Mercer.

The survey, conducted in May, includes responses from HR and talent management leaders at more than 400 organizations throughout the US. The survey included a broad cross-section of industries, with durable manufacturing, for-profit services, health care, financial/banking and high-tech/telecommunications organizations representing the largest segments.

According to Mercer's survey, more than half of employers surveyed indicate their organization has emerged from the recession and is in growth mode (15%) or is emerging from the recession and preparing for growth (37%); another 22% said they were never out of growth mode as their organization was not significantly affected by the economic downturn. One-quarter (25%) said they are still in recession mode.

Moreover, most organizations are planning changes to their talent programs in response to the downturn, although they are at different stages in terms of identifying and implementing these changes. The majority plan to make changes to leadership training (88%), workforce training (85%), employee engagement (85%), recruiting (80%), retention (80%), rewards (76%) and performance management (76%) programs. More than two-thirds (68%) are planning to make changes to their career programs and just more than half (51%) are planning to make changes to mobility programs.

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