As you prepare for your trip to Chicago, think about how you can get the highest return on your ASTD ICE investment. Consider the following questions and corresponding tips:

  1. What can you do before your trip to ensure you get the content you need back on the job?
    • Plan your sessions.
    • Work with you manager to target key learning outcomes.
    • Clear the deck so you don't worry about what you are missing at work.
  2. What can you do during the conference to ensure you get the content you need back on the job?
    • Show up! (That's half the battle)
    • Turn off the Blackberry, iPhone, during sessions.
    • Ask relevant questions.
    • Engage in exercises.
    • Attend sessions with an open mind.
  3. What can you do after the conference to transfer learning into action?
    • Compile all of your notes into one system (do this on the plane ride home if possible!)
    • Meet with you manager to discuss key learning outcomes.
    • Present content to your team.
    • Apply at least one new skill, knowledge area, or piece of information within three days of your return.
    • Follow-up with at least one new contact within three days of your return.
Remember, a positive return on investment comes from the benefits gained by applying new knowledge, skill, and information. Without application, there are no results. So develop your learning transfer strategy plan and make the most out of ASTD ICE 2010.
See you at the conference!
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