A blog. Who me? Who reads these things anyway? I don't want to just be more pollen clogging up the communication airwaves! ASTD has convinced me that I have something to say and that someone will listen. When asking for advice about blogs, I received this advice: 1. Use a compelling title. 2. Make it interactive. Therefore my initial blog includes a title that incorporates at least six powerful marketing words. (Read on for the interactive part.)

Invest in You. As WLP Professionals we are often like the shoemaker's shoeless children when we are vigilant about everyone's professional development except our own. Stay on top of the profession including state-of-the-art practices as well as the fads of the day. Read journals, newsletters, and books; attend an ASTD Training Certificate program; read the training spam you receive; subscribe to e-newsletters - often free. Attend virtual learning events: webinars, teleconferences, and webcasts (also often free or for a small fee). And the most important thing you can do to Invest in You is to attend ASTD's ICE.

For the last quarter century I have religiously attendedASTD's International Conference and Expo, fondly called ICE. I often hear ASTD members say they can't afford it, because business is down, or because their company isn't paying for it. I say that you "can't afford not to attend!" It is an Investment in You. If you won't invest in you, who will?

Attend ICE. It is an excellent way to learn a great deal, get away to a great location, meet new people, renew past acquaintances, and attend sessions where presenters discuss new ideas and approaches. The networking is phenomenal andprovides youwitha ready-resource list in the future when you have questions.

  • Invest in You.
  • Go to ASTD ICE. You owe it to yourself.
  • If you don't invest in you, who will?

Guaranteed Free Prize. I want interaction. Those of you who have been in a training session with me know I like interaction, dialogue, two-way discussion. I want you to be involved in this blog. So, here's the deal: I will award a prize to everyone who provides me with your business card at ICE on which is written a topic you would like to see in this blog. Please be sure your physical mailing address is on your business card. (Seems like a silly request, but you'd be surprised.)

So, want a free prize? Interact with this blog. Look me up at ICE. Give me a topic to address in this blog written on your business card. Clear and fair? I have a third piece of advice for bloggers: Stay ahead of it; the next one is due before you know it. And that's why I have started writing the next blog, "The Upside of a Down Economy."

So, regarding this blog:

  • Was the title compelling?
  • What topics do you want to read?
  • Will I receive your business card at ICE?

S ee you in D.C.!