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Recent Blog Postings

Leadership Improv: Use “Yes, AND…” Never “Yes, BUT…”

Karen Hough

In the improvisational world, the magic phrase is "Yes, AND…" When this concept is applied to work situations, the results can be amazing—radical changes in business and positive engagement from employees. It's because when you apply "Yes, AND…" to l... More »

24 Hours to Building a High-Performing Team

Morag Barrett

High-performance teams don’t occur by accident, they are the result of deliberate action by the team leader and team members. If you want to improve your high-performance team by this time tomorrow, here’s your schedule. More »

Take an Employee Engagement Selfie

Kevin Sheridan

It is time to rebalance the ownership of employee engagement by empowering employees to see how engaged they really are. To do so, Kevin Sheridan advises employees to take an employee engagement selfie.  More »

Why Is There So Much Focus on High Potentials?

William Seidman

Focusing so intensely on high potentials may not actually be a productive strategy. By expecting everyone to be great, and using the newest science to give everyone the opportunity to fully develop their greatness, organizations are far better off than focusing on a lim... More »

Three Ways Mobile Learning Stands Out From Other Learning Technologies

Gary Woodill, Ed.D.

In this excerpt from Mastering Mobile Learning: Tips and Techniques for Success, Dr. Gary Woodill outlines three features of mobile learning that make it stand out from other learning technologies: clocks, input/out peripherals, and messaging. More »