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Recent Blog Postings

Spreading Science Through Social Media

Stephanie Castellano

The need for more and better collaboration between scientific disciplines has been a popular topic of discussion lately. In this world of information sharing and social learning, it’s about time we included science. We Share Science is a nonprofit organizatio... More »

Churning Out Value

Stephanie Castellano

Pasha Roberts, chief scientist at Talent Analytics, uses a simple cost-benefit plot to attach value to an employee. The uncomfortable truth? Employees don’t begin adding value to the business until months—or even years—after they are hired.  More »

Toolbox Tip: Recording Professional Quality Audio from Home

Tim Slade

Recording and creating professional quality audio from home (or at the office) doesn’t require professional-grade tools, special training, or a multi-thousand dollar budget. All it takes is the right equipment, the right environment, and the right software. More »

Understanding What’s Next in Talent: The Shift to Open Systems in the People Cloud Future

Yvette Montero Salvatico

Every element of the People Cloud future is significant. But no element is more pivotal to the emergence of this transformative narrative than the fundamental shift from closed to open systems. More »

What We Can Gain From a 360 Leadership Assessment

John Keyser

There may be no better approach to improving our business leadership and organizational culture and spirit than a 360° leadership assessment for senior executives. Done well, a 360 can have an amazing transformative effect on executives as leaders, on their teams, a... More »

Curling: The New Leadership Model

Morag Barrett

Morag Barrett explains why organizations should take a “curling” approach to leadership. If leaders concentrate on removing the obstacles that keep employees from succeeding, then they will want to do more. But if leaders insist that employees follow a speci... More »