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PM Blasphemy: When Not to Do PM the Official Way

Lou Russell

In 1969, the Project Management Institute (PMI) was founded. Project Management specialists were building large buildings, roads, bridges, some of the first computers, and lunar modules. AT&T telephone operators still plugged wires into boards to transfer calls. Pap... More »

Manage More Effectively With Emotional Intelligence

John Keyser

This webcast will help you understand how better relationships produce better results. When leaders have EQ skills, team members are motivated to work better and more quickly. They also have more respect for those in leadership, and tend to have a greater sense of pride... More »

The Culture Factor

Sandi Coryell

Lewis Thomas once wrote: “If the air is right, the science will come.” The “air” in organizations has to be right for everything else to come from gaining a marketplace advantage to attracting top talent, engaging employees and developing new ide... More »

Mediocrity or Greatness Transformational Leadership in an Incremental World

William Seidman

The world is changing so quickly that just being competent or improving incrementally isn’t sufficient for sustained success. Yet most organizations are satisfied with only getting a little better, consistently resisting more transformational initiatives. This web... More »

Organizational Conflict: Get Used to It and Use It

Robert Tanner

Organizational conflict can be debilitating to a manager and negatively harm organizational productivity and employee engagement. Organizational conflict does not have to be dysfunctional—you can leverage it positively with the right strategies. More »